Specializing in graphic design, I utilize research-based theories and strategies to plan, organize, and implement lessons on the emerging trends of topics including design history, criticism, typography, and foundations of design to prepare students as they consider their personal narratives.

// R E S E A R C H //

A Sin of Omission, Immoral Unbalance in the History of Graphic Design
This research has put me on the path of exploring the missing Black American diaspora in the field of graphic design. My purpose is to bring to the forefront those persons having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa who contributed to design, with little to no recognition in today's classroom and history books.

// P R O F E S S I O N A L //

// P E R S O N A L //

Ephemeral Rock Balancing, Maryland
Hand Made Paper Booklet
Hand Made Paper
Ephemeral Rock Balancing, Cancun
Ephemeral Rock Balancing, Maryland
Black History 365
Achieving Balance
Craneman of Dunblane
Airplane Deconstruction
Print: Inspiring Racial Pride
THiStory Pin Up
A Sin of Omission
Investigating Letter Forms
Flower Pounding
Daily Practice
Wire Portrait

// S T U D E N T //

Transfer Day
College Night
College Night
Job Fair
Job fair
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Peter Pan
Advance Magazine
The Frederick Extra
Frederick Reads Logo
The Arts at FCC
Elite 8 Logo
An Evening of Fine Wine Campaign
The Razor's Edge
Learning Commons
Testimonial Ad Campaign
Ahn Trio Campaign
Info Graphic Fact Card
Fall Arts Calender
Spring Arts Calender
Annual Report
Cardinal Systems
Independent Project
Independent Project
Independent Project
27th Letter of the Alphabet
Design History
Invisable Disability
Collage: Altered Reality
Creating Movement
Illustration Drawing Series
Poster Design for Social Cause/Issue
Jazz Ensemble
Prosperity Branding Package
Fairy Tale Dust Cover Jacket
Fairy Tale Dust Cover Jackets
Independent Project
Social Activism
Basic Studio Drawing
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